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NWSD High School Transitioning and Support

This website was created to provide helpful online resources to support our students in their high school graduation pathway.  Resources should always be utilized in conjunction with in-person consultation within your school's student services' programs.  As you navigate through the information, be sure to take note of any questions you may have and contact school staff for additional guidance.  

Student Transitions Guide.pdf

MySchoolSask (MSS)
NWSD uses the provincial ministry's marks' system to record student data, including grades and attendance.  High school students and parents will have live, on-line access to marks and attendance records through the program.  It is very important that students and parents activate their MSS accounts in the high school journey as it serves to provide information that will support greater success.  Please contact your school administration or counsellor to acquire your individual login information.  By simply clicking on the link and using your assigned login information, you can access grades and attendance.

Important Documents You Need!

Starting high school may require students to attain important documents.  Here are the links to start the processes if the student does not yet have these:

Service Canada
Birth Certificate Application
Social Insurance Number (SIN)
Passport Application
SK Driver License
Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada 

Work Force

When checking for available job postings, be sure to apply in-person or find out how the business accepts your application.  There may also be postings on

sask jobs.png

Guide for New Workers in Saskatchewan

Featured Links

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